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Sailing and Tennis Mashup!

Longshore Sailing School and the Westport Tennis Club announce the continuation of a 10-year tradition – synchronizing their summer programming to jointly provide a full day of safe and educational fun.

Aspiring Sailors and Tennis Stars may choose to spend the morning on the water and afternoon on the court, or vice-versa.  No matter what your child’s level of skill in tennis or sailing, beginner through advanced, there is always a place for him or her in both programs.

Both organizations have arranged their schedules to align during the following weeks this summer.  Each session spans a two week period.  Please call the Westport Tennis Club at (203) 255-3481 and Longshore Sailing School, (203) 226-4646, to sign up.

Dates with complimentary schedules
Session 1 (June 28 – July 9)
Session 2 (July 12 – July 23)
Session 3 (July 26 – August 6
Session 4 (August 9 – August 20)

For busy parents, transportation arrangements between Longshore Club Park and Westport’s Tennis Club can be made through Kids on the Go (203) 221-1421.

Boating Safety Questions of the Week: May 1, 2010

New to Longshore Sailing School’s blog this season is our Boating Safety Questions of the Week.  Published each Saturday, the series is intended to promote safety through the spread of knowledge.

As a bonus to those planning to take the Connecticut Safe Boating and Personal Watercraft Exam this spring and summer – you’ll find the questions here are very similar, making them ideal for studying.