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Kicking off our ‘Know your Knots’ series with the Bowline

To kick off Longshore Sailing School’s ‘Know your Knots’ series, we rhetorically ask “Why are there so many knots?”

Indeed, the variety of knots is a function of circumstance.  What if you require a loop that won’t slip?  Or, if necessary, can be untied under load?  What if two lines with different diameters need to be tied together?  Or a line needs to be kept from running free of a block?

Through our ‘Know your Knots’ series we hope to show you knot tying is an art form and one that’s fun to learn.

Our First Knot, The Bowline

The Bowline (pronounced /ˈboʊlɪn/ or /ˈboʊlaɪn/) is a yachtsman’s favorite.  Although we rate it a three out of five on our difficulty scale, once you’ve mastered it we’re sure you’ll use it time-and-again.

The Bowline is used to form a loop (or eye) in the end of a line.  It is designed not to slip or jam.

To tie the bowline make a small loop a foot-or-so from the end of the line.  At Longshore we teach the riddle “the rabbit,” the end of the rope, “comes out of its hole,” the loop you just made, “goes around the tree,” the opposite end of the loop, and back into his hole again“.  You can use the buttons to the right to step through the process or click ‘Animate’ to loop through the sequence of pictures.  Practice saying it while you do it:

The rabbit comes out of its hole,
goes around the tree, and
back into his hole again.

Being able to untie a knot is just as important as tying it.

If untying a knot seems trivial, then you’ve never loaded one enough for it to jam.  A shining property of the bowline is its refusal to jam, even under heavy load.  In fact, the knot can always be untied by loosing it from ‘the bunny’s path around the tree’.

Activities involving rope and knots can be potentially dangerous. The information shared here is for instructional purposes only. Children learning the art of knot tying should be supervised by an adult at all times. Never tie any knot, even one designed not to slip around the waste, neck or other body part. No responsibility is accepted for incidents arising from the use of this material.

Longshore’s 50th Anniversary

This summer Longshore Sailing School, and all of Longshore Club Park, is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary. There are several special events and offers occuring to commemorate the big Five-Oh. The park has created and released a documentary on the history of Longshore which is now available on DVD, and will be hosting several fundraiser events through out the summer in hopes to publish a coffee table book about the park.

The sailing school is offering personalized engraved bricks for the Memorial Brickwalk at $25 off (now $50 rather than $75). The Memorial Brickwalk was donated to LSS in 2002 by Friends of Longshore Sailing School (FOLSS). This summer, 50% of the proceeds will go to the FOLSS kids scholarship fund, which gives less fortunate children an opportunity to learn how to sail here at Longshore. The other 50% will go towards Westport’s public celebrations and research of Longshore Club Park’s history.

Celebrate 50 years of community building at Longshore Club Park and Longshore Sailing School.

Paddleboard into Summer

Summer is underway! It’s time to throw off the suits and ties and join us on the water. Along with our regular curriculum and rentals, we are introducing stand-up paddle boards to our fleet this summer. We are the first program in our area (and we believe in the entire Long Island Sound) to offer paddleboarding lessons and rentals.

Rentals are already available, and courses in both the junior and adult curriculum are approaching. Our first paddleboarding course for adults (ages 17 and older) will be offered on Saturday June 26th from 9:30am-12pm. You can register for the course (WSUP-626) online or call us at 203 226 4646. In our junior specialty program, we are also excited to announce the first of our week long Ultimate Paddling courses for students aged 12-16 on June 21-25 Monday-Friday 2:30-5pm . Register for SUP-02 online or by calling the office.

Check back for more announcements on upcoming courses at Longshore!