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Kid of the Week: Session 0 and Session 1

Kid of the Week is back! The Kid of the Week is chosen by JK and the staff each week from JK’s top picks. The student who is chosen will have their picture posted both on our website as well as on the bulletin board on the pool-side of the Longshore Sailing School building.

Kid of the Week photos as well as general photos of classes on the water from this summer, they will be continuously posted on our website. If you want a copy of your student’s picture, you can download if from our albums at http://photos.longshoresailingschool.com/.

These are the Kids of the Week from Session 0 & 1:

Start Boating Right 6-25-09 019

Start Boating Right in Session 0 practices capsizing.

Jrs. 7-3-09 036

Basic Sailing in Session 1 plays sponge tag!

Jrs. 7-3-09 088

Advanced Sailing Session 1

Women’s Basic Sailing: Future Classes, Photos

Congratulations to the students of Women’s Basic Sailing 1 and 2 on completing your course! As one of the instructors for WBS-1 I can honestly say you were all a pleasure to teach. Hopefully we will see you all back and sailing soon! For those of you that are interested, there is a Women’s Sailing Level 2 course this coming week on June 16th & 18th (Tuesday and Thursday) which has three students and one instructor on our high performance boat, the Nomad. There are also Adult Intermediate Sailing classes offered throughout the summer, the first of which begins this coming weekend (June 13-14 & 20-21). Click to register here or give us a call!

We’ve now posted all of the photos JK took during your classes on our website for your viewing and use. Again, feel free to contact us with any questions.


Our instructor Marli with two students from our Women's Sailing course this past week.

Adult Basic Sailing 1 Pictures

Congratulations to the students from Adult Basic Sailing (ABS-1), which met on May 30-31 and June 6-7, for completing your course. We were extremely pleased to begin our 50th season with all of you, and hope you enjoyed sailing with us. JK was able to get some great pictures and has made them available on our website for you to download and share. You can find them at http://photos.longshoresailingschool.com/ under the Adult Basic Sailing collection. We hope to see you all back and sailing very soon!

Photos: New this Season!

Ever notice JK aiming a 10 ft long camera lens in your direction? Pictures from this season’s classes and some rentals will now be posted on our website at http://photos.longshoresailingschool.com. These pictures are free and available for you to download and share. The archives will be updated regularly, so check back in if you don’t see your class yet. Please e-mail us at info@longshoresailingschool.com if you have any questions.  Happy sailing!