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Junior Program Kicks off Racing Techniques

Longshore Sailing School looks to crown its Junior Program Champion this week as it kicks off its annual Racing Techniques course. This season seven students have entered the competition, but the tradition is not focused solely on winning.

“Many students that take the course don’t have a background in racing. They maybe excellent sailors, but just the start of a race can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before,” said Jason Abed, one of this years Racing Tech Instructors. “Nevertheless, by the end of the week, students transition from viewing sailing-as-recreation to sailing-as-sport.”

The one week speciality course is hosted by the school’s Laser fleet – a boat that has a presence at the Olympic level. The chalk talks – or classroom curriculum as their informally referred – include Racing Rules, Starts, Mark Roundings and Strategy, but the specifics often change to meet the circumstances of previous races.

This season a new web page has been dedicated to the course complete with scores, pictures and some inspirational video.